Monday, October 19, 2009


Marauding metal monsters to menace your meritorious heroes.

Hydra Miniatures offers a good selection of retro-bots as part of it's Retro Raygun line.

(Size comparison w/figure from Rattrap)

Wargames Supply Dump has a couple of robots as part of their Dick Garrison line.

Pulp Figs also has some robot that come straight from a mad scientist's lab.

Killer B Games include a hovering 'bot in their G.A.F.D.O.Z. line.

('Bot comparison: Left, Rattrap's Robot Type II; Center, Killer B's GAFDOZ4; Right, Hydra's Robot Legionnaire)

And Rattrap have a robot in their .45 Adventure line of pulp models.

(unpainted Robot Type II)