Friday, October 29, 2010

Vampire (Tri-Stat)

pic by Wolfenheim

Vampire (110 Character Points)

Body 6, Mind 5, Soul 6

ACV 7, DCV 3
Health Points: 100 Energy Points: 55 Shock Value: 12

Attack Combat Mastery Level 2, Contamination Level 3, Heightened Awareness Level 3, Mind Control Level 2, Natural Weapons (Fangs) Level 1, Regeneration Level 1, Reincarnation Level 2, Special Attack "Vampire Bite" Level 1 (20 Damage, Drain Soul, Vampiric, Melee, Low Penetration), Special Defense Level 3, Tough Level 3, Special Movement (Balance, Cat-like) Level 2, Speed Level 3, Super Strength Level 2, Swarm (Bats or rats) Level 2

Achilles Heel (Wood) 2 BP, Bane (Holy Symbols) 1 BP, Bane (Sunlight) 2 BP, Easily Distracted (By blood) 2 BP

Stealth Level 1, Unarmed Attack Level 2, Unarmed Defense Level 2

A generic vampire for Tri-Stat.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vampire (Fuzion)

Vampire (50 Points)

Mental 4, Combat 8, Physical 6, Move 5
Hits: 30, Defense: 12, REC: 6

Armor +6 (Vulnerable to wood) 1 PP
Clinging 2 PP
Damage Reduction 50%  (Vulnerable to wood) 4 PP
Infrared Vision 1 PP
Killing Attack "Bite" 2DC 3 PP
Life support 6 PP
Regeneration (5 Round, Vulnerable to wood) 4 PP
Transformation (Cumulative) 1d6 "Human into Vampire",  No Range (-2), Linked to Bite (+3), Bite Must Do Damage (-2), Activation DV 8 (-2) 2 PP

Skills: Interrogation 3, Seduction 4, Stealth 4, Shadowing 3, Concealment 2, Melee Weapons 4

A generic vampire for Fuzion using the Heroic Abilities Plug-in.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Werewolf (Tri-Stat)

Hunter (92 Points)

Body 5, Mind 4, Soul 4

ACV 4, DCV 2

Health 65, Energy 40, Shock Value 9

Alternate Form Level 7, Heightened Awareness Level 2, Gadgets Level 1 (Hunting Rifle, Canteen, Compass), Tough Level 1

Involuntary Change (Under full moon) 1 BP

Animal Training (Dogs) Level 1, Stealth (Silent Movement) Level 4, Wilderness Survival Level 1, Wilderness Tracking Level 1

Werewolf form

Body 7, Mind 1, Soul 4

ACV 7, DCV 2

Health 135, Energy 25, Shock Value 11

Alternate Form Level 7, Attack Combat Mastery Level 3, Contamination (Bite causes lycanthropy) Level 2, Heightened Awareness Level 4, Heightened Senses (Smell) Level 1, Natural Weapons (Claws, Fangs) Level 2, Regeneration Level 4, Speed Level 2, Super Strength Level 1, Tough Level 4

Awkward Size 1 BP, Easily Distracted (By prey) 2 BP, Physical Impairment (Cannot talk) 1 BP, Unskilled 2 BP, Vulnerability (Silver) 2 BP

A generic werewolf for Tri-Stat d6.

Update: The Alt Form LVL was off by one, so I raised it and adjusted the Character Point tally. And I forgot to included Contamination, so I added it and dropped the skills and Jumping to balance the points.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Werewolf (Fuzion)

pic by Zero-drk

Werewolf (55 Points)
Mental 2, Combat 6, Physical 5, Move 5
Hits: 25, Defense: 10,  REC: 12

Bite DC4
Claws DC6
Morph (Composition, Shape)
Armor +4 (Vulnerable to Silver)
Damage Reduction 50% (Vulnerable to Silver)
Regeneration 1 Round (Vulnerable to Silver)
1d6 Transformation (Cumulative): Human into Lycanthrope, No Range (-2), Linked to Bite (+3), Bite Must Do Damage (-2), Activation DV 8 (-2)
Tracking Scent
Enhanced Perception (Smelling +4, Hearing +4) 
Skill: Stealth 5 

Human Form (20 Points)
Mental 4, Combat 4, Physical 4, Move 4
Hits: 20, Defense: 8, REC: 4

Skills: Animal Handler 2, Firearms 3, Navigation 3, Survival 3, Tracking 4
Shotgun (12-Gauge buckshot) ROF: 2 Range: 40m Area Effect DC5

A generic werewolf for Fuzion using the Heroic Abilities Plug-in.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Zombie (Fuzion)

pic by TwinDragon

Zombie (27 Points)

Mental 2, Combat 3, Physical 4, MOV 1

AV 3, DV 3, Hits 20, Defense 8

Bite (2DC Killing Attack) 3 PP
Infrared Vision 1 PP
Life Support 10 PP

A generic shambling zombie for Fuzion written using Instant Fuzion and the Superpowers Plug-In.

Update: I had the cost of the Bite wrong so I corrected it, and put up a different pic.

Zombie (Tri-Stat)

(pic by SmokeryDots)

Zombie (40 Character Points)

Body 4, Mind 1, Soul 3

ACV 6, DCV 0

Health Points 75, Energy Points 20, Shock Value 7

Attack Combat Mastery Level 4, Contamination (Victims are zombified) Level 4, Natural Weapon (Bite) Level 1, Reincarnation Level 2, Sixth Sense (Living people) Level 1, Special Defense (Does not breathe) Level 2, Tough Level 2

Bane (Holy Symbol) 1 BP, Easily Distracted ("Brains!") 2 BP, Less Capable (Slow) 1 BP, Marked (Undead) 3 BP, Physical Imparement (Cannot talk) 1 BP, Unskilled 2 BP

A generic shambling zombie write-up for Tri-Stat d6.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Torchships & Trolls

I was thinking about games like X-plorers yesterday and got to imagining what it would be like to run a game like that using Tunnels & Trolls. Obviously the first thing you'd need would be the T&T rules.T&T is a classic, especially the 5th ed., so any gamer worth their salt should have a copy. If you don't you can download the abridged free edition from sites like RPGNow or DriveThruRPG.

Then you'll want Garen Ewing's Trolls in Space weapons list. This is what got me thinking about this in the first place. It covers almost all the sf weapons you could want, like Blaster Rifle, Photon Guns and Light Sabres. It also gives you some reference for prices so you can add other equipment, like space suits and whatnot. But sf games are about more than gear. What about the other aspects of the game?

T&T 5th ed. has four basic Character Types, Warrior, Wizard, Rogue and the rare Warrior Wizard. The Warrior can just be renamed to something like "Trooper" and work just fine in a space opera game. Whether he's a Space Marine or a Space Barbarian is detail for the player and GM to work out. The next two types are a little trickier, and my idea is to split them each into two.

The Wizard would become either an "Esper" or a "Scientist". Espers act just like the regular Wizard type, only they've been trained by the Esper's Guild and the spells are renamed as psi powers. For example, "Knock Knock" would be a minor Telekinesis, "Omnipotent Eye" would be Psychometry, etc. Some spells, like Vorpal Blade, the Wall spells, etc. might not be appropriate for Espers and could be omitted. Instead of magic staffs Espers would have psi crystals. Scientists are a little different. They have the ability to use and build build devices that have the same effect as the spells. For example, a Scientist could jury rig a weapon to do double attack dice for one turn, i.e. he "casts Vorpal Blade on it". He could blast an alien with his ice cannon, or "cast Freeze Please". And so on. For Scientists the STR cost of the spell is how many hours it takes them to fabricate the item.

Rogues are handled in a similar manner. They are "Techies" or "Latent Espers". The Latent Espers are just like the standard Rogues in that they can learn psi powers from an Esper. Techies can use supers science items and can learn to build them from Scientists.

Wizard Warriors are "Esper Knights", and are act just as described in the rules. These are the Lensmen and Jedi.

Aliens are pretty easy to handle. To play an alien character just come up with a customized Peters-McAllister chart. For alien beasties just give then a monster rating, or Alien Rating.

But what about space ships? The easiest way would be to treat them similar to monster and give them a Spaceship Rating. For example, a small scout ship might might have a Spaceship Rating of 200 and a blaster turret that does 21D plus adds, while a Space Pirate cruiser might be SR 1000 and have beam batteries that do 101D plus adds. Ships could even have ablative Deflector Screens that are equal to their starting SR and which don't count toward their adds. I'd probably also give each ship a Speed rating to help figure out if you could outrun that Imperial Patrol.

So there you are. Some quick rules to take let your T&T game blast off.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random Starting Tech Level

Inspired by games like Encounter Critical and Terminal Space, here's a Random Starting Tech Level chart for Fuzion characters. I followed the Fuzion Tech Levels (which like most Tech Levels are very Eurocentric) but added some details.

Random Starting Tech Level

Roll 2D6-2

Tech Level.....Historical Era
1....................Iron Age/Medieval
4....................Early 20th Century
5....................Late 20th Century
6....................21st Century
7....................Near Future (Solar System Exploration)
8....................Early Interstellar Far Future
9....................Late Interstellar Far Future
10..................Hyper Science (transgalactic empires)

How this influences the character's Life Path is for the GM and players to work out.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

C31 Translating Computer

C31 Translating Computer........12

Translates unknown languages into any selected Terran language. When spoken into it translates your words back via digitized voice. The C31 features a limited AI that has a habit of actively volunteering detailed answers to passing questions about technical matters, and has been known to offer translations of interjections that give the impression of sarcasm. Takes three turns to translate a simple language; six turns to analyze and translate a complex one. Note: on a roll of 1 on 1D6, any previously unknown language is untranslatable. Cost: 1,200 credits

(Inspired by Robert Sheckley's "A Suppliant in Space" (1973); pic via Lebedev Studio)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Free Space Opera RPGs

Jeff R's post today about DIY skiffy got me thinking about the free space opera RPGs out there. He's mainly interested in the D&Dish ones he mentioned in his post, but there are some others around. Here's the ones that I gravitate toward.

D6 Space

D6 Space is good, free pulp SFRPG. I actually have the hardbound edition of this game that I bought when it first came out. I had some fun playing in a D6 game before, so I was looking forward to the reissue. I imagined it would be just like the tried and true D6 Star Wars, only without all of the copyrighted material. Instead what I got was a game that crashed the Masterbook system right into the once enjoyably simple D6 rules. Ugh! So I put it on the shelf to gather dust. But now that it's been released as a free OGL game, I'm willing to cut it some slack. This game gives you a solid space opera RPG that you can run right out of the box, and when you add D6 Space Ships and D6 Aliens it covers all the bases.


Fuzion is a solid general purpose RPG engine that works great for space opera. Especially the older 4.4.3 rules, which includes different kinds of space suits, scanners, energy pistols, energy sabers, cyber hand blades, etc. It also has some cool dogfighting rules to handle those space furballs. Add the various plug-ins and you've got the whole genre covered. The Mekton plug-in gives you simple rules for building ships and vehicles; Mental Powers covers psionics; the Super Powers plug-in covers just about any weird mutant powers you can think of; and Martial Arts lets your your character have Venusian aikido. The only caveat is that Fuzion is more of a tool-kit than a finished rules set, so you'll need to do a little tweaking and adjusting, but that fits right in with the DIY theme of Jeff's post. For example, I'd reduce the number of characteristics to six or less and rewrite the skill list to add sf skills like sensors, zero-g, etc. And I'd beef up the Energy Sabre, which is too weak. Maybe something like this:

Energy Saber...7.........6...........+1...............2..........2h

Tri-Stat dx

Tri-Stat is another good choice. It's a pretty simple game system to run, but it would require a little more work than the others to use for space opera. That's because the Tri-Stat dx rules are a generic version of the superhero game Silver Age Sentinels, and so they're focused more on a contemporary setting. But with a little DIY tinkering they would work, and they do include a space opera skill list.

There's a bunch more great free SFRPGS around, and you can find links to them under the "Free RPGs" label just to the right there, but these are the three I'd be most likely to use.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Space Suit

(pic via JAXA)

Space Suit

Protects the wearer in space or in unbreathable atmospheres. It provides Partial Armor Level 1 (Stops 5 points of damage), Adaptation (Level 3, airlessness, temperature, vacuum). The suit can sustain 40 points damage before being destroyed, but any damage that penetrates armor affects both the suit and its wearer. The combined space suit and life support system weigh a total of 125 kilograms and can support a seven-hour EVA. Minor Gadget.

(Based on the space suit in BESM 2nd ed. rev., pg. 151)