Monday, April 12, 2010


All the talk today about ducks over at Grognardia has me thinking about RuneQuest.


This is a race cursed by the gods during the Great Darkness for not joining them versus the forces of Chaos. It is unknown whether they were originally human and became feathered and web-footed, or originally ducks cursed with flightlessness and intelligence. They reside mostly in Duckpoint (in Sartar) and must, due to their small strength, use weapons such as short swords, slings, etc.

For arcane reasons they are allowed to join certain Death Rune cults...

They come in a variety of different colored feathers and are excellent swimmers, though they cannot fly, having arms instead of wings. Most armor is too heavy for them.

STR     2D6+1
CON    2D6+6
SIZ      1D6+1
INT     3D6
POW   3D6
DEX     2D6+6
CHA    2D6

Move  5
Treasure Factor 6

Sling; Short sword; Small shield

ARMOR-Cuirboilli body; Composite helm
OTHER SKILLS-Swimming 90%; Hide in Cover 40%

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