Monday, September 6, 2010

A Warp War Campaign

I was poking around over at BoardGameGeek and discovered there's a play-by-forum game of Warp War going on. They're using a variant of the rules and playing on a larger map from Stellar Conquest which should provide a little more scope to the game.

There are four factions slugging it out for galactic domination

  1. B.A.S.H. Boskone Aeronautical Space Horde
  2. P.O.T.W. People of The Wind
  3. RHON Rhones
  4. S.M.I.R.S Space Marines in Red Spandex

I'm rooting for the Space Marines in Red Spandex.

And I also discovered that Warp War is still in print. I don't know how this current version compares to the old Metagaming copy I have, but it's good to know it's still available.


Bob said...


nice to see someone else is enjoying the game..

Alas WW isnt in print, although metagaming microgames persist for sale.. my personal theory is that like cockroches they will survive nuclear winter to enetertain the cockroaches, it hasnt been printed for the better part of 30 years.

This game is using the Metagaming rules as printed as this campaign is not using a ref but relying on player goodwill for fog effects.

The WWDG "2ed" rules have extra chrome which under current arrangements would expand paperwork. we may us some of the details in the next game.

The game is a bit of a dry run to sort out simultaneous movement and we've chosen to try a random distribution of lanet BP values which has given the SMIRS a significant advantage which may yet take them to a win, though the BASH have fought well (watch the battle reports its bloody)

anyone interested in a standby position should post on BGG.

Dandr'ugh, speaking For Boskone.

Technical Team Lead, Galactic Conquest,
BASH - Boskonian Astronautical Space Horde,
Eddorian Extermination Systems (EES)
Death Stars? We don' need no steenkin Death Stars!

Jerry Cornelius said...

Thanks for clearing that up. I've seen those "2ed" rules on the web and they are very different. I didn't know those were the ones Decision was selling.

I like the idea of playing with multiple players and using the bigger SC map. I'll be interested to see how the wormhole rules work, too.

But don't expect me to believe your propaganda, you evil Boskonian. I know you take your orders from Gharlane. You're just lucky the Lensmen aren't around, by Klono!:)