Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jaxxon (Fuzion)

"You can call me Jax for short…which I ain't."

Jaxxon is a quick-witted Lepi smuggler from Coachelle Prime.

Jaxxon (45 CP + 200 SP)

Strength 7
Constitution 7
Intelligence 5
Willpower 7
Agility 11
Move 8

SD 14
Hits 35
Run 16
Sprint 32
Swim 8
Leap 8

Outlaw, hunted by Imperials


Athletics +5
Hand to Hand +7
Piloting: Space Transports +6
Piloting: Starfighter +7
Ranged Combat +8

Computer Programming +5
Expert: Outer Rim +3
Expert: Astrogation +7
Heavy Weapons: Starship Gunnery +6
Mechanics +6
Perception +6
Systems operation: Shields +6
Tracking +6

Concentration +4
Persuasion +6

Talent: Fast Draw


Blaster Pistol DC=5, Range: 100m, WA: +4, 10 shots per power cell

"The Rabbit's Foot" (modified WUD-500 Star Yacht)
Superfast Flying Speeds 1600 kph, FTL Drive, Med. Energy Cannon x2 4K ea., Med. Vehicle Armor 100DC, Lt. Force Field 2K, Hull 7 Kills

Based on the write-up at The Rebellion. Created using the Fuzion Jazz rules, except The Rabbit's Foot which is based on the Personal Spaceship in the commercial Fuzion rules.


Ka-Blog! said...

Whoa. Fuzion post!

Jerry Cornelius said...

I've done a few Fuzion characters before. I especially like the Fuzion Jazz rules varient, not the least because it includes a Hero-style powers system.

Ka-Blog! said...

Thanks for the reminder about Fuzion Jazz! Thought I had it in my Fuzion rules folder, but it was surprisingly missing...

... it's too bad Fuzion didn't get the same exposure D20 and OGL did, so the ruleset could further grow and mature.

Jerry Cornelius said...

I'm with you there. I think Fuzion is a basically sound game, but it wasn't implemented very well. And as things stand now it will probably always rank as an also-ran.