Friday, January 6, 2012

Double Barreled

 As a result of the holiday tradition of gift giving I now have access to a working scanner. I also managed to dig up a pile of old game notes that I thought I'd lost, including what looks like a complete dungeon. Time will tell whether or not I scan all of it, but some of it will show up here. Here's a sample of what I have. During a sf campaign one player wanted both a laser rifle and a slug thrower, but wanted to avoid the encumbrance penalties for carrying around two weapons. So he wanted a combined laser/slug thrower rifle. The sketch on the right is his concept of what the weapon would look like. The two to the left are "transitional forms" you might say, of a bulky laser rifle and a provisional design. On the bottom is the final rifle design I came up with for him.

And you'll notice that in the right-hand margin someone has written "John W. Campbell, Anthology Trilogy." That's not my handwriting so it's just as much a mystery to me as it is to you. Presumably it refers to his Astounding Science Fiction anthologies, which shows that we were at least drawing on some good source material.