Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam Strange

Adam Strange (100 Character Points)
(First Comic Appearance: Showcase #17  November,  1958)

Body: 7  Mind: 8  Soul: 8

Health Points: 75  Energy Points: 80  Shock Value: 15

Combat Value: 10  Defense Value: 8

Attack Combat Mastery 3, Defense Combat Mastery 3,
Highly Skilled 3, Gadgets 1 "Rannian gear,"
"Rannian Protective Suit" Armour 4 (Optimized: fire,
40 damage stopped), Special Defense 1
(Survive in low-oxygen environment),
"Rannian rocket pack" Flight 4 (500 kph),
"Rannian raygun" Special Attack 3 (40 damage, Accurate)

Nemesis -2 "Kanjar-Ro", Significant Other -2 "Alanna Strange",
Unique Defect -2 "Involuntary return to Earth when Zeta Beam's effect wears off.",
Unique Defect -1 "If he remains on Rann for more than a year at a time, he will die."

Skills  (3 points left out of 50): Acrobatics 1, Foreign Culture (Rann) 2,
Military Sciences 2, Physical Sciences (Archeology) 3,
Physical Sciences (Physics) 1, Piloting 1 (Spacecraft),
Social Sciences 1 (Anthropology), Wilderness Survival 1

Description and Character Notes:
Earth archeologist Adam Strange was transported to the planet of Rann via the Zeta-Beam. He immediately befriended the Rannians and took up a flight pack and raygun to assist them. While there, he also fell in love with a Rannian woman named Alanna.

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