Thursday, November 19, 2009


This map of the planet Mongo makes me want to run a Ray-guns & Rockets campaign. The Witch Kingdom of Syk could even be the stage for some Sword & Sorcery antics. I'll just have to watch out for Ming's rocket submarines.


Robert Saint John said...

That's interesting. This post made me pull out my copy of FGU's "Flash Gordon and the Warrios of Mongo" to see what it said about Syk, but they didn't evem detail it (or Kira at all). It's shown on the not-nearly-as-nice-as-this-one map, but I guess they had to cut some areas to put the strategic "ring" map together.

Jerry Cornelius said...

Maybe if they'd have done it as a miniatures wargame the way they did with Hyboria they could have covered it.