Monday, March 29, 2010

Tough as nails

Jeff Rients' post the other day about what happens to a character who drops to 0 Hit Points or less got me thinking about hit points in general. So as I was reading through Simon Washbourne's Barbarians of Lemuria this weekend the section on recovering hit points really struck me.

Recovering lost hit points

Provided a character gets a chance to rest and take a
gulp of water and so on, for about 10 or 15 minutes
immediately after a battle, he will recover up to half
his lost hit points straight away. This represents recovery
from fatigue, bashes and minor cuts/bruises.

After that, he recovers one hit point per day provided
the day is taken up with only light activity.

I think that's a great rule for larger-than-life games. Even if it isn't an ability you want every character to have, you could make it an Advantage available to tough guy types. In class-based games like D&D or T&T you could restrict it to martial classes to give then an edge over the thieves and mages. Combine it with Jeff's Death's Door chart, or the ones by Robert Fisher or Trollsmyth and you can make the PC's life pretty interesting.

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