Saturday, April 23, 2011


Battlegloves are heavy gauntlets that can be worn by humanoids and cover the entire hand and forearm, articulated with artificial muscle and hydraulics. A Battleglove attacks uses the character's Brawling skill, delivering STR+2D punching damage, and has a STR+3D crushing grip. Battlegloves can also be used as a "reaction skill" to parry brawling and melee combat attacks. It also has three slots allowing it to be equipped with extra weapons.

Model: Talsorian Industries Battleglove
Type: Special
Scale: Character
Skill: Various (Brawling or other, see below)
Cost: 900
Availability: 2, X

Roll one die three times to determine which weapons the battleglove comes equipped with.

1...Pop-up Blaster
2...Micromissile Launcher
4...Grenade Launcher
6...Gas Jet

Pop-up Blaster: Mounts an internal blaster that attacks using the Blaster skill for 4D damage. Ammo: 50 (reloads cost 25); Range:3-7/25/50

Micromissile Launcher: Fires explosive heat-seeking guided miniature missiles. The target must be at least partially exposed for the battleglove to lock-on for the first shot. The missiles will pursue the target, even around corners of up to 90 degrees (will loose tracking on a roll of 5 or less on 2D). Attacks are made using the Missile Weapons skill, ignoring cover and line-of-sight modifiers (after initial lock on). If the attack succeeds the missile explodes (damage: 4D/2D/1D; blast radius: 0/1/2). If the attack misses, the attacker rolls 2D and on a roll of 8 or more the missile corrects its course and a second attack roll can be made.  Ammo: 4 (reloads cost 50 ea. missile)  Range: 10-50/100/200

Flamethrower: This is a small, high-pressure flame jet that attacks using Missile Weapons skill and may be "swept". The attacker decides a starting point and an ending point and makes a Difficult roll. If successful, anything caught between the two points is ignited. If the roll is missed use the Grenade Deviation Diagram. Damage is 2D the first round, 1D for 2 rounds afterwards. Hard armor protects normally. Soft armor must be at least +1D physical to protect against the flame, and is reduced -2 pips per attack. Ammo: 4 (reloads cost 100) Range: 1 meter

Grenade Launcher: A modified support grenade launcher, stored in a popup mount. Attacks using Missile Weapons skill. Basic grenades come in fragmentation, incendiary, stun, dazzle, sonic, concussion, and gas varieties. Each type has its own area of effect, usually between 2 and 5 meters. For example, a typical concussion grenade is damage: 3D/2D/1D; blast radius: 0/1/2. Ammo 1 (reloading takes one round; reloads cost 30 ea.) Range: 10-35/75/150

Whip: A 2.2 meter long alloy tentacle that can either whip for STR+2 damage, strangle for STR+1D damage per round (target must make a Difficult STR or DEX roll to escape), or act as a short-range grapple. Attacks using Melee Combat skill.

Gas Jet: A pressurized canister of gas (any type) is installed in the glove that attacks using the Missile Weapons skill. Effect depends on the type of gas which can be resisted by a Difficult STR save. Teargas: -1D DEX for 1D rounds; Nausea: vomiting and -2D DEX for 2D rounds; Sleep: unconscious for 2D rounds; Poison: 4D lethal damage. Unsealed armor does not protect against gas. Ammo 6 (reloads cost 275) Range: 2 meters



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I see the Interlock to D6 conversion is still alive and well!

Jerry Cornelius said...

At least for this crazy weapon, anyway.