Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Some good news is that RPGbomb has added a forum devoted to Greg Porter's RPGs. Greg is the talented indie game designer behind one-man operation that is BTRC. He's best known for the parody RPG, Macho Women with Guns, and the generic RPG supplement, 3G3. His current RPG effort, EABA, can be described as combining the substance of GURPS with the simlicity of the D6 System. You can download the free EABAlite rules from Greg's site. Greg treats his customers right, and if the EABA rules are every updated you receive the new version at no extra cost.
As for RPGbomb, it's a really good community site. It may be overshadowed by major hubs like RPGnet and theRPGSite, but it has plenty of content. More importantly, they seem to like the same games I do. Even Fuzion, which usually either gets ignored or comes in for unfair criticism, has it's own forum there. So now that they're giving EABA it's a good reason for me to spend more time there.

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