Saturday, December 5, 2009

Buck Rogers

Anthony "Buck" Rogers (50 Character Points)
(From the 1928 novel Armageddon 2419 A.D. by Philip Francis Nowlan)

Body: 5 Mind: 4 Soul: 6

Attack Combat Value: 7
Defense Combat Value: 7
Health Points: 55

Attributes: Attack Combat Mastery 2,
Defense Combat Mastery 4, Gadgets 2,
Highly Skilled 2, Organizational Ties 2 (Wyoming Gang)

Defects: Conditional Ownership (Gadgets) -1,
Significant Other -1 (Wilma Deering)

Skills: Gun Combat 2, Military Sciences 2,
Piloting (Light Airplane) 3,
Physical Sciences (Geology) 1,
Unarmed Attack 1

Gadgets: Ultraphone, Rocket gun (Special Attack 4:
40 damage, Area Effect, Concealable); Inertron "Jumper"
(Jumping 4 2-400 m, Speed 1 (Restriction: only for jumping)),
green uniform

While surveying an abandoned mine, Anthony Rogers, a former U. S. Army Air Corps officer, falls into a coma after exposure to a leaking gas and awakens in the 25th century. Together with his new comrades, the beautiful Wilma Deering and the intrepid Dr. Huer, he struggles against Mongolian domination and rival gangs.

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