Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I've been having quite a bit of fun with drow's random generators on the donjon site. I discovered that tucked away inside the SciFi Name Generators is a great Star Trek Technobabble generator. Just select "Star Trek" for Type, and on the second drop-down menu select "Technobabble" and you get a randomly generated list like this.

Gravitronic Interference Module
Central Electro-magnetic Variance Multiplexer
Antimatter Phase Multiplexer
Particle Phase Circuit
Central Phase Drive
Auxiliary Antimatter Frequency Node
Primary Degeneration Buffer
Multiphasic Phase Node
Gravimetric Variance Multiplexer
Holographic Degeneration Capacitor

These are great names for starship components. ST is often criticized for relying on technobabble to advance the plot, but I think it's perfectly legitimate to have groovy technobbable names for all those complicated spaceship parts. So instead the GM saying, "You have to roll 15+ to fix the hyperdrive." he or she can now say, "You're there in the Jefferies tube and the diagnostic you've just run indicates that the Particle Phase Circuit is burnt out. You have to roll 15+ to repair it and get the Warp Drive back online."

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