Wednesday, December 9, 2009

USS Enterprise-A

Here's a SSD for the SFB Cadet rules that includes the USS Enterprise-A. It's from Jonathan "Caraig" McDermott's old site which had a good section devoted to Cadet Ships.

"A few more oddballs. We have a cadet-scale battlepig, a WYN auxilliary battlecruiser. (Please note that all phasers are 360-degree.) There is also what is probably the first cadet X-ship. (I know, I know: "Why bother?") The USS Enterpirse, NCC-1701-A (and that's what this game is all about, isn't it?) was meant to introduce newer players to the game with something that might be more familiar to them: the "Big E" from the movies. I was going to do a matching Reliant, for STII cadet scenarios, but it seems the technical folks running the Trek Franchise are saying the Miranda- class light cruiser has pulse phaser cannons. Guess this is their reaction to fans putting axial (mega) phaser cannons on her. Oh, well. (Added 09OCT2001: I may yet do the pulse-phaser-equipped Miranda, after all.) The last one on the oddballs sheet is a WYN fish ship. In particular, please let me know if this ship is overgunned for a cadet game!"

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