Thursday, July 29, 2010

Strife Path Generator

This chart comes from a long vanished website called Shigata Ga Nai High that was devoted to BESM 1E. Most first edition stuff is easy to adapt to second or third edition rules, and besides this chart doesn't contain any game specific content anyway. It's a random "Strife Path Generator" for mecha pilots that's very reminiscent of  R.Talsorian's Lifepath tables . It's a great way to get some random background details for your mecha jock's life.

Strife Path Generator by Matthew Webber

Taken from "Tooniversal Tour Guide" Mektoon section by Robert Cross.

Perfect for seeing what type of interesting , dramatic or stupid personal problems that every Mecha Pilot character seem to have. Start by rolling 1D6. Go to the starting point with the same number. From there just keep rolling the die until you get an "End" result. You can go through the strife path as often as as you wish.
This chart is originally meant for Mecha pilots, but works with many anime character types.

Starting Point
1. You have an enemy. Go to the Enemy section.
2. You are involved in a love affair. Go to the Romance section.
3. You have a mental problem. Go to the Mental section
4. You have a family problem. Go to the Family section.
5. You have a weird problem. Go to the Weird section.
6. Roll twice. Ignore any further 6 results.

Enemy Section
Your enemy is ...
1. An alien
2. A former friend
3. A relative
4. A criminal mastermind
5. Someone on your side (possibly another PC)
6. A former lover
Now go to the Motive section

Romance Section
The object of your affection is...
1. A teammate
2. A friend
3. An alien
4. A criminal
5. An enemy
6. A relative or lover of a friend.
Now go to the Complications section.

Family Section
the family member is...
1. Your brother
2. Your father
3. Your sister
4. Your mother
5. Your cousin
6. Your in-laws
Now roll on the Family Troubles section.

Mental Section
Sometimes you...
1. Think everyone is out to get you
2. Develop a phobia
3. Suddenly change personalities
4. Become obsessed with someone, or something.
5. Suffer a change in emotions
6. Suddenly become completely insane.
Now go to the When section.

Weird Section
Something strange is going on...
1. You are cursed.
2. You have been contacted by aliens from another planet/dimension
3. You loose an Attribute and gain a new one.
4. Non-living items can talk to you.
5. You have a psychic connection to (Animator's choice)
6. If your Health Points reach 0, something strange happens

Motive Section
Your Enemy hates you because...
1. You defeated him in combat
2. You accidentally killed a member of his family.
3. You stole his lover
4. You sent him to jail
5. You foiled his plans
6. You are what he secretly wants to be.

Family Trouble
the family member is...
1. In trouble with the law
2. Is working for Aliens or a criminal mastermind
3. Is in financial trouble.
4. Has gone crazy
5. Has disappeared
6. Has become the Criminal Mastermind.

The When Section
Your mental problems occur...
1. When you get in/ out of your Mecha.
2. When you go into combat
3. When you see a certain thing
4. When you alone
5. When a certain person is around
6. When you are wounded.

Complications Section
Your love affair is complicated by...
1. He/she doesn't know you exist.
2. His/her family hates you
3. You're completely mismatched.
4. Your family hates him/her
5. You don't know that he/she loves you.
6. You have a rival for his/her affections.

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