Friday, August 20, 2010

Forbidden Books

Form "The Lovecraft Variant" by G. Arthur Rahman and Philip J. Rahman in Sorcerer's Apprentice magazine (Summer, 1980).

Forbidden Books
Bygone occult investigators and mystics have recorded some of the Old One's secrets. Sometimes reading a forbidden book will prepare a character to see the Greater Significance of a discovery. To establish the identity of a book randomly, roll 2d6 on this table.

2 - Prehuman Religions. Uncanny, rich, and dreadful (English)

3 - Unaussprechlichen Kulten. Stunning and terrible (German)

4 - Pnakotic Manuscript. Recorded secrets of a pre-Homo sapiens race (English translations available)

5 - Revelations of Glaaki. Psychic dreams of a mystic (English)

6 - Book of Dzyan. Suggestions of true horror expressed in vague oriental style (ancient Sanskrit)

7 - G'harne Fragments. More pre-human writings, widely considered to be a modern hoax (English)

8 - King in Yellow. A play that presents eldritch horror in the guise of an allegory (French and English translations available)

9 - Les Cultes des Goules. Dread knowledge confused by the vacuous interpretation of a mad nobleman (French)

10 - Vermis Mysteriis. An important revelation of horror (Latin)

11 - Liber Ivonis. Manuscript of a prehistoric wizard, rich and powerful (medieval French)

12 - Necronomicon. Masterwork of arcane knowledge (Latin), a book so frightful an ES-SR [Emotional Stability Saving Roll] is required to read it.

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