Monday, August 16, 2010


What the hell happened to the RPGbomb site? I haven't been able to reach it for over a week now. Now when I go to the address I get a generic Apache HTTP Server page.

I even tried opening the page with a different browser, but no luck. I know they overhauled the site a while ago, but it seemed to be working fine. They haven't sent me any emails saying they were changing servers or shutting down. The worst thing is I got an email notice that someone PM'd me over there, and now I'll never know what it was about. And it's a good thing I wasn't part of a PBeM game there. Has anybody heard any news about this? Are they still around, or what?


ogre1971 said...

unfortunately I haven't tried to log onto there for a long time till today. I had some information I wanted to use for a live game. I'm still trying to reach some friends about this.

Jerry Cornelius said...

I'm surprised it disappeared the way it did. You would've thought they'd send out an email or post a notice about the sight's closing or something. It's like they just vanished overnight.