Monday, August 9, 2010

Mecha Malfunction Table

This is another chart from the vanished Shigata Ga Nai High site, taken in turn from SJG's Tooniversal Tour Guide. You could update results 15 and 53 to something like, Viewscreen only displays "K-ON!"

Mecha Malfunction Table by Matthew Webber

Based on "The Dreaded ‘Uh Oh, Equipment Failure' Table" in the "Tooniversal Tour Guide" Mektoon section by Rrobert Cross, with some Anime-esque modifications.

Roll on this chart whenever the player rolls a 12. If an attacking character chooses, they can roll on this chart instead of Critical Damage Table.
To roll on this chart, use 2D6, designating one die the "Ones" and another "Tens" and roll like you would roll 2D10 to get a D100 result. (ie, one die rolling a 4, and the other a 3, would yeild a result of 43, or 34.)

11 Random weapon stops working
12 Limb freezes up and won't move
13 Limb falls off
14 Viewscreen only displays in black and white
15 Viewscreen only displays "Fist of the Northstar"
16 Weapon gets hot, can only be fired once every two rounds or it will melt.
21 Mecha is knocked over
22 Sound receptors shut off. All combat rolls are +3
23 Mecha cannot walk, and runs at full tilt when it moves
24 Mecha stops halfway through a tranformation (if transformable, if not, roll again)
25 Powerpack explodes. Mecha takes 15 damage an cannot move
26 Mecha becomes SD
31 Targeting computer malfunctions. +3 to hit
32 Mecha will no longer transform (if tranformable, if not roll again)
33 Power source malfunctions, will lose all power in 1D6 rounds
34 Air conditioner shuts off. +2 to all rolls
35 Air conditioner won't turn off, +1 to all rolls.
36 Limbs only function on a roll of 6 or less. (Roll 2d6 for every movement)
41 Head is damaged, mecha takes double damage. If the pilot is in head, then they take 10 damage.
42 Mecha will keep repeating its last movement until the Pilot can roll a 2.
43 Entire team's viewscreen will show only the shocked faces of their teamates
44 Mecha can only walk backwards
45 Random weapon explodes. Does 10 damage
46 Short circuit in electrical system . Pilot must make body roll every round or suffer 5 damage
51 Pilot is unconscious for 2d6 round.
52 Communications with other pilots are out
53 Viewscreen displays "Brave Fencer Musashi"
54 Mecha can only fire all weapons at once
55 Targeting computer malfunctions, and begin to target other teammates.
56 Mecha changes movement modes randomly
61 Limb explodes. Does 15 damage
62 Weapon falls off
63 Cooling systems malfunction. Mecha will overheat and shutdown in 2D6 rounds
64 All controls go dead for 1 round every 1D rounds
65 Communication system malfunctions and broadcasts all transmissions on an open frequency.
66 roll again, twice

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